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Brinchang is the highest and second largest township of Cameron Highlands, situated 1,450 meters above sea level on a gently sloping plateau about 2km after Tanah Rata or 3km before Kea Farm. While relatively small in spread compared to Tanah Rata, Brinchang is the most dense in development - a tourist hub for Malaysians and Singaporeans attracted by the town's local flavours and style. The epicenter of Brinchang is a tight pocket of shophouses comprised of restaurants, stores and budget hotels, while the surroundings hold further commercial developments, holiday apartments and residential homes. Gunung Brinchang is the origin of the town's name.
Because of the high altitude, the environment is frequently blanketed by heavy mist, especially after rainfall. On clear days, large clouds creep ominously across the narrow horizon, evoking magnificent scenery (especially when lit by an evening sun) while giving the impression of a town perched within the sky. From Brinchang's town center, narrow roads fork into the surrounding hills, the paved surfaces giving way to gravel and rocks as they lead to vegetable farms, flower nurseries and fruit orchards perched on steep slopes. Many of the farms lie nestled along the main road and open to public, cultivating popular tourist products such as strawberries and cactus. Some examples include Cactus Valley and Taman Agro Tourism (Big Red Strawberry Farm).

The town center is where much of the action lies; Chinese restaurants are found in abundance, many which serve steamboat cuisine - a popular dish for chilly weather. During the day, shops sell tea, souvenirs, handicrafts and edible goodies like chocolates and pickled fruit. The Night Market ('Pasar Malam') is an evening bazaar on weekends (occurs daily during festive seasons) retailing the best of Brinchang's produce with a tacky assortment of tourist merchandise. At heart, Brinchang is very much Cameron Highland's own Chinatown, though it is not identified as such because of the dominant Chinese ethnicity of Cameron Highlands. Accommodation is plentiful here; budget hotels and family apartments are abundant throughout town and its surroundings.
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